• Design Alliances

    Get Clarity with Your Board

  • Practice Three Essential Board Member Skills

    Curiosity, Listening, Intuition

  • Create a Culture of Accountability

    Generate Better Results

And, Much More!

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  • It was eye opening to read the wisdom from David, Janice, and Michelle. I felt reassured to know I was doing some things right, and to learn a few ways I could improve.
  • This eBook is a great compilation of external resources and the practical application of key practices and principles for leaders to employ whether they are entering a new Board or resetting their current work.
    Katie Turcotte, George Mason University
  • David, Janice, and Michelle take the time to address many current leadership issues we all face on Boards. In these complex times their perspectives provide tools that we can use right away..
  • This guide is excellent. I was really impressed by the rich material presented in a easily digestible format. I found value in each chapter and would highly recommend that my Board colleagues read this eBook.
    Kate Kerr, The Nature Conservancy

Being a Nonprofit Leader - A Guide for Board Members

At the most basic level, Board Members want to know that they can be successful in their roles.  They want to work with other leaders that have integrity and are trustworthy. All too often there is confusion, competing priorities, lack of vision, and poor alignment and communication on Boards. That is a ready-made formula for board turnover and organizational floundering.


Don't Let That Happen to Your Board!


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