Sharpen the Tools

In Your Fundraising Toolkit

As a fundraising leader, you've probably attended some training that's got you where you are.  Unfortunately, that training will not take you to where you're headed.   To do that, you will need to deepen donor relationships by practicing a few essentials skills.  The tools you will sharpen in this workshop focus on the most important competencies for maximizing and sustaining fundraising performance. The return on investment is demonstrated through improvements in donor retention, increased gifts, and sustained fundraiser effectiveness.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Take your listening to the next level

  • Call donors forth to higher levels of engagement

  • Tap (and Trust) Your Intuition

  • Touch, Move, and Inspire Donors

  • Be more agile and creative

  • Learn to Acknowledge Donors in a new and Powerful way

This Workshop Includes

Group exercises to get you out of theory and into practice

Expert facilitation by seasoned fundraising trainers

The Guide to Deepening Relationships and Raising More Money

Program Details


Modules (Six Hours of Learning - Two, 3-hour sessions) 

  • Introductions and orientation (consciously designing the workshop)
  • Being nimble and creative with donors (exercise)
  • Listening and powerful questions (demo and practice)
  • Fulfillment and values (demo and practice)
  • Perspectives and choice (exercise, demo, and practice)
  • Calling donors forth - requesting and challenging (demo and practice)
  • Being with emotions - yours and donors (demo and practice)
  • Acknowledging donors (exercise)
  • Completion (consciously completing the workshop)

This Program Works Equally Well Onsite or Online

Workshop Facilitators


David Langiulli is a certified professional coach (PCC, CPCC) who helps nonprofit executives and their teams get results. David's experience spans the university and corporate sectors over nearly three decades. Most recently he led a fundraising team at Princeton which consisted of 10 professionals responsible for $35 million in annual support to the University. Several thousand nonprofit leaders interested in self-development, leadership, and management follow David's blog on LinkedIn. He’s a graduate of CTI’s Leadership program and holds masters degrees in business and engineering, as well as an undergraduate degree in mathematics and physics-engineering. As a volunteer, David serves on the Board of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Chapter in Southwest Florida and coaches classes at his Jiu-Jitsu academy.

Margaret Katz Cann is a Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).  She specializes in executive fundraising coaching, board training, and consulting, Margaret works with nonprofit executives to stop tripping over their ask, to connect to passion and leadership – and step into the world of compelling fundraising. Margaret is an experienced and joyful fundraiser, having spent 22 years at the Community Foundation Boulder County. She is passionate about the intersection of coaching with fundraising, and the way leaders who are willing and wanting to up their game can step away from anxiety and dread can step into their leadership as fundraisers for their organizations. Her nonprofit clients include executive directors, board members, and development staff, where she works with organizations to plan and then adds coaching to make the plans become reality.


What People Say About This Workshop

This workshop was the most powerful six hours I ever spent.

Great! Very interactive.

I was originally disappointed about no powerpoints. Activities made up for it!

Really great.

Very understandable.

Interactive.  Super wonderful.

I loved working in groups.


The discussions were great.

Loved the interaction and no PowerPoint.

Very Clear.

Great tools for donor egnagement.

I got practical, specific things to try immediately.

Provided great clarity and intention.

Specific outcomes that can be implemented immediately.

Short and sweet!  Focused.

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Sharpen the Tools in Your Fundraising Toolkit

This Program Works Both Online and Onsite