Six-Month Executive Coaching Package

The Executive Coaching Package is a 6-Month, 12-Session Program designed to grow strong, effective leaders.

The journey begins by increasing your awareness of self and others. Your coach will guide you through exercises designed to improve interpersonal relationships, build on your personal strengths, uncover your core values, identify limiting beliefs, and create an inspiring vision. Your vision will lead you to set goals with clear, measurable outcomes. Coaching will support you in achieving your goals through accountability, action, and learning. 

Phase One – Laying the Foundation

Discovery and Designing the Alliance

The program begins by looking at where you are now in your career and life. You will explore what is going well and what needs attention.  You will powerfully design the alliance with your coach to create an environment for you to be successful.

Uncovering Your Values & Saboteurs

When you honor your values, you feel a sense of resonance and fulfillment in your work.  You will complete an exercise to clarify your core values with your coach.  Once you know your core values, you will have more explicit guideposts in making decisions. You will also learn techniques to help your direct reports uncover and share their core values.  You will identify some habitual mind patterns (known as "Saboteurs") that work against you and your values.

Creating a Compelling Vision

When you articulate a powerful vision, it sets your direction. From there, you can set goals and choose actions from a place of inspiration and energy. Your coach will guide you through visualizations that will allow you to explore the lasting impact you want to make in your career.

Establishing Goals

With a compelling vision, you are ready to set goals with clear, measurable outcomes.  With your coach, you will identify what is most urgent and important for you and your team and organization.  You will also learn to capture important (but not urgent) things you are not getting to.

Phase Two – Achieving Your Goals

You now have a foundation for learning about yourself and others.  From this place, you and your team will focus on achieving the most critical goals for your organization’s success.  Coaching provides the accountability, action, and learning you need to grow your leadership, motivate your team, and achieve results that transform your organization.

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