New Leader Coaching Package

The New Leader Coaching Engagement is a 3-Month, 6-Session Program designed for first-time managers or established managers in a new role and/or new organization.

This coaching engagement is designed to help you gain the skills you need to manage your team. You will increase your confidence by gaining an understanding of your core values and leadership style.

This coaching program combines self reflection with practical advice and resources.

Session One: Discovery and Designing the Alliance

The program begins by looking at where you are now in your new role. You will explore what is going well, identify what needs attention, and set your coaching goals.  You will powerfully design the alliance with your coach to create a successful coach-client relationship, as well as learning to use the skill of designing agreements in your work environment.

Session Two: Uncovering Your Values & Saboteurs

When you honor your values you feel a sense of resonance and fulfillment in your work.  Holding those values in your decision making and vision makes you a better leader. You will complete an exercise to clarify your core values with your coach that will keep you focused as you grow into your new assignment.  You will also identify some habitual mind patterns (known as "Saboteurs") that work against you and your values.

Sessions Three to Six: Building Skills and Confidence 

Building on the foundation work, you will work with your coach to design sessions that focus on the unique skills you want to develop to reach your goals.

These topics can include:

  • Building trust and connection with your team
  • Creating a culture of accountability
  • Getting and giving feedback without judgment
  • Having challenging conversations
  • Empowering your team through delegation
  • Designing meetings that work
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