New Leader Coaching Package

The New Leader Coaching Engagement is a 3-Month, 6-Session Program designed for first-time managers or established managers in a new role and/or new organization.

This coaching engagement is designed to help you gain the skills you need to manage a team. You will increase your confidence by gaining an understanding of your leadership style and skills. Practical advice will help you run effective meetings that lead to action. An assessment of your communication style will help you interact with your new team in a way that empowers them.

Discovery and Designing the Alliance

The program begins by looking at where you are now in your new role. You will explore what is going well and identify what needs attention.  You will powerfully design the alliance with your coach to create a successful coach-client relationship, as well as learning to use the skill of designing agreements in your work environment.

Uncovering Your Values & Saboteurs

When you honor your values you feel a sense of resonance and fulfillment in your work.  Holding those values in your decision making and vision makes you a better leader. You will complete an exercise to clarify your core values with your coach that will keep you focused as you grow into your new assignment.  You will also identify some habitual mind patterns (known as "Saboteurs") that work against you and your values.

Meaningful Meetings

Meetings are what leaders do, and the solution to bad meetings is not the elimination of
them, but rather the transformation of them into meaningful, engaging and relevant activities.  You and your coach will establish a foundation for the essential meetings that new leaders must handle well, namely: regular one-on-ones with direct reports, weekly staff gatherings, quarterly reviews, and annual off-sites.

Increasing Your Relationship Awareness

Managing relationships may well be the single most important challenge that new leaders face. Using the powerful SDI® or DISC® tools, you will work with your coach to discover your motivations and behaviors that impact how you lead.  And, by understanding why you behave as you do, you will learn how to influence others who think, behave and communicate differently from you.

Creating a Compelling Vision

When you articulate a powerful vision it sets your direction. From there, you can set goals and choose actions from a place of inspiration and energy. Your coach will guide you through visualizations will allow you to explore the lasting impact you want to make in your new role.

Establishing Goals

With a compelling vision in place, you are ready to set goals with clear measurable outcomes.  With your coach, you will identify what is most urgent and important for you and your team and organization right now.  You will also learn how to capture important (but not urgent) things that you are not getting to.

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