Fundraising Leadership

We specialize in helping nonprofit organizations build and sustain extraordinary leaders and their teams through experiential training and executive coaching.

Behind Every Great Leader Lives Intentional Impact

We work with leaders at every level of your organization to be conscious of their impact and to harness their strengths and those of their team. We believe that every person is a leader in their own way. Empowering each individual and coming together as leaders creates a team that is effective and accountable for getting things done.

Behind Every Great Team Lives Trust

High performing nonprofit teams are built on trust. They have shared values and vision and work to achieve common goals. What sets these teams apart is a commitment to vulnerability, a willingness to engage in conflict around ideas, and a culture of feedback and accountability.

Fundraising Leadership specializes in helping nonprofit organizations build and sustain extraordinary teams through experiential training and executive coaching.

How Do You Want To BE as a Leader?

Most nonprofit leadership training is focused on what to do at work. Fundraising Leadership clients appreciate that our nonprofit training creates an opportunity for leaders and teams to reflect on who they are, and how they can work collaboratively to achieve greater success.

Developing leaders is a craft, an art form that involves a combination and balance of the right content to meet the right context for the individual. Leaders must then be given the opportunity to get in the driver’s seat to truly leverage the content and context.

Our Best Approach To Learning: Experience It

The best nonprofit leader training and coaching does just that. It uses an experiential learning model where participants make discoveries and experiment with knowledge firsthand, instead of hearing or reading information. The purpose of our training and coaching is to strengthen each participants’ expertise through experience, observation, conceptualization, and experimentation. The aim is to help each professional stretch into their best self.

Here are some ways Fundraising Leadership can help:




  • Positive Intelligence (PQ) for Teams
    Based on the high-impact work of Shirzad Chamine, the Fundraising Leadership team will help your team learn to get out of their own way, both personally and together, with this program.

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