When it comes to working with fundraisers, we go beyond the obvious.

Inspired by Coaching, Leadership and Team Building

The trainers at Fundraising Leadership draw inspiration from the worlds of coaching, leadership and team building to help individuals and teams work better together.

The fundraisers we work with raise money for a variety of causes. They come from shops with wildly different levels of resources, team sizes, and sophistication.

So, how do we connect with such a diverse group of leaders? Through a different approach.

Be Extraordinary. Be Compelling.

We help good fundraising teams become extraordinary by building trust and creating a culture of integrity. We help them connect at a deeper level by understanding each other’s styles of communication. We help them to hold accountability without “shame and blame.”

Our training and coaching goes beyond the obvious to help individuals and teams find more impact in their fundraising. We take a deep dive with fundraising professionals to help them build skills to engage more deeply with donors and members of their team. Borrowing from the best practices of coaching and leadership, we work with our clients to learn how we can bring more curiosity and openness to donor relationships. We focus on helping leaders to be more intentional and compelling.

Upping the Fundraising Game for your Board and Leadership Team

We also work with nonprofit boards and leadership teams to help them understand and engage as fundraisers. We offer training that enables them to build an engaging story that each board member can tell as an ambassador of their organization. Finally, we coach individual fundraising leaders who love their programs and mission, but still carry dread about asking for money – or who believe they could be better at it.

As in all our work, we use an experiential learning model so that individuals can own and customize their learning – and put it into practice in service of their goals.

Here are some ways Fundraising Leadership can help:




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